When a guy has a steady girlfriend repeatedly, or because he has a dirty face, or because he is in love with him … there is no alternative.Yukiko Kudo
anokata asked: “ Someone has locked their keys in their vehicle. Describe how you might assist them. ”

"Easy. I would get Ran-chan to use her karate skills to break the window and then obtain the key! It’s the perfect solution."


"Aside from the window…but it could be fixed. The important thing was the keys. How else would you get in?"

Spare key.

anokata asked: “ How often do you travel? Where do you go? ”

"Travel pretty often, with Yuu-chan. The question is…where haven’t we gone to?”


anokata asked: “ What is the make and model of the car you most frequently use? ”

"So happy you asked! I would say the Jaguar. E-type! XK-E. One of my favorites. A beauty~"


anokata asked: “ An associate has been watching your "home" for the past week. Did you notice anything unusual? ”

"Yes, actually. We would be able to notice the second it happened."


"…also since we sort of spotted them sleeping in the front yard the first night. Not a very good associate if you ask me!"

anokata asked: “ Have you ever been in love? ”

"Silly! Of course I have been in love. I still am, with my adoring husband and son."


anokata asked: “ Will you miss your skin when it's gone? ”


Ah Kudou Yukiko-san



"Who am i? just a friend of your son, i wonder if he was as fun to dress up in things when he was little the first time as he is now. Also just some things i figured you should know~"